Five benefits of living a low-waste lifestyle 

Five benefits of living a low-waste lifestyle 

We know low waste lifestyles help the planet, and we’d never argue that isn’t reason enough, but there are a number of extra benefits as well.

#1. It’s good for your health

Depending on the diet you already consume, going low waste can be great for your diet. A lot of the single-use packaging found in supermarkets is wrapped around the more processed convenience products – think chips, lollies, microwave meals, and soft drinks. By focussing on the foods you can bring home in reusable bags, jars and other containers, you’re realistically looking at predominantly fresh produce and cooking a lot more from scratch.

#2. You can save some serious money

While some measures with living a low waste life may cost a little more up front, the process of eliminating waste (particularly food and utilities) can save you a serious coin. Likewise, embracing second-hand is a cheaper way to live – and often you’re contributing to a greater good, such as supporting a charity with your purchases or donations of goods.

#3. You’ll be supporting local businesses

By going to your local butcher, fruit and veg shops, Farmers Markets to pick up foods you can pop into your own bags and jars rather than ordering online or hitting the supermarkets which tend to pre-package most items, you can support people in your own community – and you’re saving them money on supplying single-use packaging for your shopping!

#4. You can make new friends

The process of living low waste – for example, joining and participating in your local Buy Nothing Group or even joining online forums will introduce you to a range of new like-minded people. You might find you not only share tips but a few hobbies together!

#5: You’ll build knowledge and skills

Becoming low waste may require some learning; for example, less pre-packaged convenience meals and sauces means upping your cooking game or making your own reusable bags, beeswax covers or even composting may mean learning to become a little craftier or handier at home! Learning a new skill or hobby is great for your brain at any age – not to mention your confidence.  

While the ultimate winner of a low waste lifestyle is the planet and the people on it (including ourselves), there’s plenty of personal wins involved, which make the effort worthwhile.